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Ossia Marketing

The challenge.

Bands (especially local ones) are great at making music, but they don't always know what it takes to build their digital presence so they can sell more music, merch, and ticket sales when shows are happening. With the consistent decrease in album sales and ever changing digital landscape, bands and labels need to shift their way of self-promotion.

The solution.

I started a marketing agency with a long time friend over our love of music and our deep network of musician friends, to help them grow their business so we could continue to enjoy the fruits of their labor.

I started by doing market research to find a need. There are tons of small agencies out there, and a handful focused on musician growth, but we immediately found our place in the market through our network of bands that make music we love, but have a lot of opportunity to grow their digital brand.

This company was born out of a love of music, and we created a brand that exists to help bands, without making it difficult or complicated for them. Ossia is a term in music indicating an alternative or simpler passage - Ossia Marketing is an alternate, and simpler, path for bands and musicians to grow their fanbase.

os·​sia | \ ōˈsēə\
Definition: Or else. Used as a direction in music to indicate an alternative and usually simpler form of a passage.

With a name and a purpose, we worked with San Jose musician and artist Drew Roulette (you may know him from dredg), who took our concept and turned it into a brand logo. The word mark and logo concepts introduce elements that are reminiscent of the look and feel of a band logo, while incorporating the marketing script to provide additional context. The angled logo uses the O in Ossia, and incorporates the other letters of the word mark, in a way that reminds us of time signatures and music notes.

Ossia now had a logo, but needed a website to introduce us to the market and state our positioning and messaging in the marketplace. I built on Webflow, focusing on the services we know that musicians need so they can focus on creating music. In our soft launch we've worked with several bands to provide improved social media optimization, organic and paid social posting schedules, and website development, helping clients grow their fanbases.

As I develop programs for our clients, I'm also developing a go-to-market plan for Ossia to include a social posting schedule, email marketing to reach our clients and fans, and additional plans to grow our client list and create an easier path to build their fanbases. We're currently building a content marketing calendar and schedule to share our blog posts and other content that can help bands.

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