case study:
Prudential Retirement

The challenge.

Prudential was launching their newTarget Date Fund product into a crowded market, and was aiming to become the 'go-to' expert/thought leader in the field of wealth protection and growth.

The solution.

We set out to change the industry with a unique mobile and web experience that would help people learn about Prudential’s Day One Target Date Funds. We did so using a narrative to tell the story about the journey to a successful retirement, and humanizing the experience by relating the stories of others to a user’s own retirement.

As account manager, I was responsible for leading a team to create the experience brief and get us to launch. I held individual stakeholder interviews with 13 senior members of the Prudential Retirement team to get input and feedback on their needs, and added those interviews to the deck to validate our plan. I also lead a team that ran a competitive analysis of major financial leaders in the thought leadership space, including site usage from Webtrends data, Sort Site, and The experience brief included the stakeholder interviews, competitive analysis, creative concepts, and timeline to launch.

Creative concept examples

I then led a team to brainstorm over 20 concepts and hired an animator to help tell that unique story, providing him creative direction on the concept of what the characters’ lives should look like. I also enlisted and worked with an internal team to create a series of strategic tasks and questions to guide 10 users through our prototypes, using that critical feedback to adjust our story - and we landed on - an animated, educational, scrolling parallax site, with interactive elements for user engagement, completing the project in 8 months, and was used as a crucial hub for Prudential Retirement PR campaigns seen on,,, and

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