case study:
RV Petrel

The challenge.

RV Petrel, one of Vulcan and Paul Allen's investments, spent years dedicated to finding historic shipwrecks from World War II, and needed a site to highlight the historically significant finds.

The solution.

RV Petrel site

We developed and launched a digital experience highlighting the finds, and gave the Petrel team a place to share a real-time status. We used real HUD assets from the Petrel discovery videos and integrated motion graphics into the site to make it feel even more immersive. We also built individual landing pages for each discovery, including imagery from the finds, links to other discoveries to drive additional content consumption, a section of historical significant to show how important the finds were, and prominent links to share on social.

Now that we had a beautiful site to send people to, we had to promote the content. I started with deep audience insight and managed and measured an integrated campaign across Facebook and Twitter.

I built 5 distinct audiences in Facebook and Twitter, targeted to the different types of people based on demographic and psychographic information to learn who is most interested in the content. From a short pre-campaign campaign, I found that some audiences outperformed others, and then used that knowledge to even more specifically target the audiences I knew were engaged. The campaign drove CTRs as high as 17%, and we drove over 60,000 visits to the website over the course of the short campaign. I then launched a follower campaign on both platforms to highlight Vulcan's other focus areas, and gained over 1,700 new Facebook fans and 900 Twitter followers.

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